Lace Closure and Frontal "You're Lucky Sale"
Unveil a flawless look with our  Lace Closure and Frontal Sale! Secure the thinnest, most affordable lace in limited supply. Act now to transform your hairstyle with our premium closures and frontals at irresistible prices. Fast-track your glam game with our...
from $85.00
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5X5 HD Lace Closure
  Experience the finest in HD lace closures, designed to melt into your skin with an undetectable hairline. Our high definition 5x5 lace closure comes in four textures and lengths, and creates an illusion of natural hair growth out of...
from $135.00
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Blonde HD Lace Frontal
Our HD Lace Frontals are made of the super thin lace known to the hair industry. The lace melts right into your skin. Our HD frontals create the illusion of hair growing directly out of the scalp. The 13x4 frontals go from ear...
from $185.00
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13X4 HD Lace Frontal
  Our 13x4 HD Frontal gives full coverage of your hairline, starting from the ears. Pre-plucked for a natural looking hairline and versatile parting, this lace melts into your skin for a seamless blend with Snooty extensions. Setting the stage...
from $175.00
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2X6 HD Lace Closure
Say goodbye to lace fears and leave-out worries! Our 2x6 HD lace closure is here to save the day. Experience the ultimate low-maintenance style without compromising your precious hair. With its invisible HD lace, this closure effortlessly blends with your...
from $95.00
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6X6 HD Lace Closure
  Experience the luxurious HD 6x6 Lace Closure crafted of the finest super thin lace on the market. Bigger than a 5x5 closure, this lace blends seamlessly into your skin and creates the illusion of natural hair growth. Completely undetectable,...
from $145.00
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13X6 HD Lace Frontal
  Our 13x6 HD Frontal covers the hairline completely, beginning behind the ears. It's pre-plucked for a natural-looking hairline and has flexible parting to easily blend with Snooty extensions. You can part it 6 inches back for more styling versatility. With...
from $195.00
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