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What Our Customers Say


Mariesha Ford

Snooty hair definitely get 10s across the board for me!This was the mother daughter duo I didn’t know I needed until I got there.The vibes were great I can’t wait to go back for another install!I paid $180 for a closure sew in w/ the wash included. WITH THE WASH INCLUDED!You literally have to go get the experience don’t just take my word for it. Look no further book them now!Again thanks snooty hair! I love my hair and I love y’all !

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Aq “Aq”

Snooty hair extensions and customer service are truly unbeatable! My hair was slayed for my birthday, I received so many compliments. There lace closure/ bundles really are the best quality. Book with snooty hair if your wanting a beautiful install!

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Shi Roberts

Customer service AMAZING!! They have good vibes 1st pic is when I first got my hair done 2nd pic is for Christmas. I LOVE LOVE MY HAIR. I also purchased hair from them as well 16 & 18 inch. I have a traditional sew in. But overall I would recommend this company to any one. Great quality products and services. I’ll be back #snootygang

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 DaLaura Jones

Literally in love with my hair and they were such laid back and easy going people. Even with the day I had they managed to make my day better. My stylist canceled on me 3 hours before my hair appointment due to a family emergency and I had to quickly find somebody else. Snooty Hair Boutique was the first to respond and I’m so glad they did.


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